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a small breed of red or black beef cattle, originally from Ireland


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Dexter (from a Latin term meaning “right”) refers to one of the many ways of classifying astrological aspects. The antonym is sinister (meaning “left,” not “evil”). A dexter aspect occurs when a faster-moving planet makes an aspect with a slower-moving planet that is located clockwise from it (to the “right”) in the zodiac. While astrologers from Ptolemy onward have regarded dexter and sinister aspects as having somewhat different influences, the differences are comparatively minor. In most general natal chart readings, this distinction is ignored.

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Morse: The Last Bus To Woodstock, by Colin Dexter, read by Kevin Whately.
On November 6 at Mold Clwyd Theatr Cymru Colin Dexter will talk about his creation, explain how the books were adapted for TV and reveal what John Thaw was like to work with.
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Inspired by both the TV series and the original Colin Dexter novels, this latest incarnation of the unassuming, stoically-reserved sleuth takes its cue firmly from theatrical history.
Widow Sheila Hancock and Morse author Colin Dexter have given their blessing to the new drama.
Colin Dexter who created the character will be a consultant and John Thaw's daughter Abigail also stars.
An audience with Colin Dexter Thursday, April 26 Tickets: pounds 20 Renowned crime writer, known for his Inspector Morse novels.
Colin Dexter, who created and wrote the Morse novels on which the TV series was based, said he never wanted anybody else to play the curmudgeonly yet oddly lovable detective.