collective bargaining

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collective bargaining,

in labor relations, procedure whereby an employer or employers agree to discuss the conditions of work by bargaining with representatives of the employees, usually a labor union. Its purpose may be either a discussion of the terms and conditions of employment (wages, work hours, job safety, or job security) or a consideration of the collective relations between both sides (the right to organize workers, recognition of a union, or a guarantee of no reprisals against the workers if a strike has occurred). The merits of collective bargaining have been argued by both opponents and proponents of the process; the former maintain that it deprives the worker of his individual liberty to dispose of his service, while the latter point out that without the union's protection the worker is subject to the dictation of the employer. As an essential process in labor relations, collective bargaining was first developed in Great Britain in the 19th cent. It has since become an accepted practice in most Western countries with a high level of industrialization. The National Labor Relations Act of 1935, known as the Wagner Act, established the right to collective bargaining in the United States.


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collective bargaining

the negotiations about terms and conditions of employment which take place between an employer, or an employers association, and one or more TRADE UNIONS. Sociological interest in collective bargaining has involved, for example, consideration of the implications it has for the structure, aims and accomplishments of trade unions, the relations between managers and employees, and the dynamics of capitalist society; an underlying theme being the extent to which it is associated with the institutionalization of conflict and, relatedly, the separation of economic and political issues (see POSTCAPITALISM, INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS).

collective bargaining

[kə′lek·tiv ′bär·gən·iŋ]
(industrial engineering)
The negotiation for mutual agreement in the settlement of a labor contract between an employer or his representatives and a labor union or its representatives.
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NAFCU expects NCUA, which serves as a steward of credit union dollars, to take the utmost care in all elements of its budgeting, including negotiating staff salaries and benefits as part of the collective bargaining agreement," said Carrie Hunt, senior vice president of Government Affairs and general counsel.
But employees who are represented by a collective bargaining agreement are excluded from these requirements, as long as limits on the required hours of work and overtime payment are addressed in the agreement (pursuant to ORS 652.
Flight attendants from the company's United subsidiary ratified a new four-year contract inFebruary 2012, and flight attendants from the Continental subsidiary ratified an extension of their collective bargaining agreement last week.
If ratified, their collective bargaining agreement will be extended by five years.
Further, the assertion that a collective bargaining agreement would mean that unionized workers could not be disciplined is untrue-federal law governs the agency's authority to hire, direct, layoff, suspend, remove, and assign work.
However, it is also clear that this collective bargaining agreement stretches us to the limit of what is possible in light of the difficult market situation in Europe and tough international competition.
CHICAGO, July 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- On Sunday, July 9, 2006, members of Local Unions 9777 and 6787 represented by the United Steelworkers and Teamsters Local Union 714 joint union ratified a three-year collective bargaining agreement covering three Chicago area Ryerson facilities with Joseph T.
According to AFP, the pilots allege that the action violates labor law and their collective bargaining agreement with the airline.
With the NBA's collective bargaining agreement set to expire July 1, Stern said at an afternoon news conference he was optimistic that the league and players association could reach a new agreement before the end of the season.
Markets throughout Los Angeles and Orange County will converge on the headquarters of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 324 in Buena Park Wednesday where union leaders will outline details of the latest collective bargaining agreement reached recently between their company and their union.
On March 21, 2013, the National Collective Bargaining Agreement for the telecommunications and associated sectors was inked in Yaounde.

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