collective bargaining

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collective bargaining,

in labor relations, procedure whereby an employer or employers agree to discuss the conditions of work by bargaining with representatives of the employees, usually a labor union. Its purpose may be either a discussion of the terms and conditions of employment (wages, work hours, job safety, or job security) or a consideration of the collective relations between both sides (the right to organize workers, recognition of a union, or a guarantee of no reprisals against the workers if a strike has occurred). The merits of collective bargaining have been argued by both opponents and proponents of the process; the former maintain that it deprives the worker of his individual liberty to dispose of his service, while the latter point out that without the union's protection the worker is subject to the dictation of the employer. As an essential process in labor relations, collective bargaining was first developed in Great Britain in the 19th cent. It has since become an accepted practice in most Western countries with a high level of industrialization. The National Labor Relations Act of 1935, known as the Wagner Act, established the right to collective bargaining in the United States.


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collective bargaining

the negotiations about terms and conditions of employment which take place between an employer, or an employers association, and one or more TRADE UNIONS. Sociological interest in collective bargaining has involved, for example, consideration of the implications it has for the structure, aims and accomplishments of trade unions, the relations between managers and employees, and the dynamics of capitalist society; an underlying theme being the extent to which it is associated with the institutionalization of conflict and, relatedly, the separation of economic and political issues (see POSTCAPITALISM, INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS).

collective bargaining

[kə′lek·tiv ′bär·gən·iŋ]
(industrial engineering)
The negotiation for mutual agreement in the settlement of a labor contract between an employer or his representatives and a labor union or its representatives.
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The NLRB, acting under the authority granted to it by the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 (Wagner Act), certified as collective bargaining units the unions in Illinois and Indiana representing lay teachers employed in Catholic schools.
About 300 of the city's 1,000 non-school employees are not represented by a collective bargaining unit.
Sterling was the first HSA administrator to serve a Taft-Hartley Trust collective bargaining unit, an account that Sterling acquired through Delta Health Systems, third party administrator (TPA) for the Northern California General Teamsters Security Fund.
But the group is not a collective bargaining unit and has no formal power to negotiate with the supervisors.
Add to this the threat from the Independent Pilots Association, the collective bargaining unit for UPS pilots, to begin "informational picketing" outside The UPS stores during the busy Christmas season, followed closely by a Texas Hold'em style "all-in" meeting with UPS the week of December 19th and the IPA giving UPS until December 23rd for contract settlement.
Assistance to each pension organization or collective bargaining unit as required, explaining
A vote to determine if the Teamsters would be the drivers' collective bargaining unit, set for February 2006, was postponed after the company began harassing workers, including using some drivers to make an anti-union video, he said.
The following positions are to be voted on by ONLY Collective Bargaining Unit members
This is the first Taft-Hartley Trust collective bargaining unit to adopt HSAs and represents another milestone in offering greater choice in consumer driven health care.
1 to see if the Teamsters will be the drivers' collective bargaining unit.
This was an opportunity to give back to the community as well as demonstrate the broader sense of responsibility that the collective bargaining unit has in their area that goes beyond contracts and conflict resolution.
The report pointed out that during previous years no raises or smaller raises were given to Town Hall employees and administrative staff, while over the same period Dudley employees who held contracts or were part of a collective bargaining unit had shown 8.

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