College of Arms

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College of Arms:

see Heralds' CollegeHeralds' College,
body first chartered in 1483 by Richard III of England. It has been reorganized several times. Its purpose is to assign new coats of arms and to trace lineages to determine heraldic rights and privileges (see heraldry).
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For any person or organisation to have a legal right to a Coat of Arms, it has to be granted to them by England's Earl Marshal, the 18th Duke of Norfolk, through the Herald at the College of Arms in London.
In his short reign, Richard established two lasting institutions--the College of Arms and the Wax Chandler's Guild--both of which still exist today.
David White at the College of Arms in London said: "There has never been for a title of Elmbridge, nor has a family of that name held a peerage.
The symbol, which was designed by the College of Arms in London, shows Prince William's coat of arms and Kate's shield from the Middleton family coat of arms.
But the museum was quoted PS10,228 to transport the collection from the College of Arms in London.
The College of Arms granted official arms, depicting the bird, to Liverpool in 1797.
Woodcock, Norroy and Ulster King of Arms at the College of Arms, has worked on the previous volumes.
Camden was not a flamboyant person and he lived in an "understated and self-effacing" (14) fashion but, as a schoolmaster, a member of the College of Arms, and as a much-respected figure in the European republic of letters, his contribution was much greater than that of a dusty antiquarian.
With scant details of what the new shield will include, the official College of Arms, which keeps track of British heraldry, could be in for a shock when it's unveiled.
AMMO is working closely with the College of Arms and the High Commissioner for Papua New Guinea on their production.
The Royal Charter arrived in the same year and the Academy was granted a Coat of Arms by the College of Arms in 1973.
For some reasons unknown to me, Clive Cheesman, Rouge Dragon Pursuivant of the Royal College of Arms in London, has produced with this book, a labor of love.
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