College of Psychic Studies

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College of Psychic Studies

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The College of Psychic Studies continued the work of the British College of Psychic Science, which, in 1938, amalgamated with the International Institute for Psychical Research and became known as the Institute for Experimental Metaphysics. The college had an excellent library of more than 10,000 volumes on all aspects of metaphysics. It published the quarterly journal Light.


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Based in the heart of London, The College of Psychic Studies was founded in 1884 as an educational charity to offer courses for students seeking to explore a consciousness beyond matter.
In May of that year, Vaughan and his wife moved to London, where he compiled research for his book Patterns of Prophecy, notably at the College of Psychic Studies where he also began to work with his own abilities.
I suggest you contact a recognised spiritual association such as: Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association (0171 436 7555), The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (0171 235 3351), The College of Psychic Studies (0171 589 3292).

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