Hogan's Heroes

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Hogan’s Heroes

incarcerated in Stalag 13, unlikeliest of POW camps. [TV: Terrace, I, 357–358]
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Starring in the 1960s' sitcom Hogan's Heroes, Crane played the role of the witty Colonel Hogan, beloved by millions of American TV viewers who enjoyed watching Hogan and his subordinates comically outsmart their Nazi captors every week.
QCAN you tell me about CAN you tell me about the death of actor Bob the death of actor Bob Crane, who played Colonel Hogan in 60's TV series Hogan's Heroes.
Most of all, Colonel Hogan celebrated the unique talents, passions and personalities of his team.
Cable and satellite has meant the show has rarely been off TV somewhere in the world and Russell Crowe and other film stars have expressed interest in playing Colonel Hogan in long-talked- about film versions of Hogan's Heroes.
Born on July 13, 1928, in Waterbury, CT, Crane achieved international success as Colonel Hogan on Hogan's Heroes.
25 In which German prison camp was Colonel Hogan imprisoned in 1960s sitcom Hogan's Heroes?