Winston Churchill

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Churchill, Winston,

1871–1947, American novelist, b. St. Louis, grad. Annapolis, 1894. He wrote several popular historical novels including Richard Carvel (1899), The Crisis (1901), and The Crossing (1904). His later books, such as Coniston (1906), The Inside of the Cup (1913), and The Dwelling-Place of Light (1917), reflected his interest in social, religious, and political problems.

Churchill, Winston

(1874–1965) statesman whose rousing oratory led the British in WWII. [Br. Hist.: NCE, 556]
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Colonel Warden joins the ranks of Douhet, Trenchard, and a host of other airpower advocates convinced that future iterations of airpower promise to change the nature of war itself.
Mike McConnell, the JCS J-2, and Colonel Warden back at Checkmate, Brig.
Colonel Warden also looks a danger, having been off the track since making a winning debut at Maisons-Laffitte last July.