Color Field

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Color Field


a homogeneous colored surface of paper, cardboard, fabric, glass, or some other material, used in color measurements. A color field can be produced by application of a dye to the selected material, by photographic or optical methods, or by excitation of a phosphor. Color atlases consist of rectangular samples of known colors. Visual determination of the color of an object being tested is made by selecting the sample closest in color. In three-color colorimeters the color field consists of two equal, adjacent semicircles; one has the color of the object being tested, the other has the color of the screen on which the primary colors of the instrument are mixed.

In cinematography and color television a color field is used to monitor the fidelity of color reproduction. Here, the color field occupies either the entire frame or part of the frame. The fidelity of color reproduction usually is monitored visually or with a colorimeter. Television color fields may also be used to set and monitor the color purity of the red, green, and blue phosphors of the kinescope and the color of the white field. Color fields (with known color coordinates) are included in universal television test patterns.


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Sam Gilliam is widely recognized as one of the foremost contemporary African-American artists, whose work reflects the school of art known as color field painting.
The late Al Loving layered strips of torn, stained canvas into a loose-jointed, jazzy, irregular shape that at once invokes the legacy of Cubism, Color Field painting, and the accidental palimpsests of old posters on urban walls.
Areas of expertise include American modernist movements, such as the Stieglitz circle, as well as postwar movements including Abstract Expressionism, Color Field painting and contemporary art.
to flow back into Color Field painting that was excluded from modernist orthodoxies such as those promoted by Clement Greenberg.
The expansive second floor restaurant also features a giant color field painting by contemporary artist Peter Halley.
Color Field painting at once continues, expands, and challenges the assumptions of Abstract Expressionism--at least, of the non-gestural strain embodied by the work of Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Barnett Newman.
Still to come was Abstract Expressionism, Color Field Painting, Op and Pop Art, and more recently Performance Art and Computer Imaging.
In making the fifteen canvases on view--nine while in residency at the Aspen Art Museum, the remaining six for her 2011 show at Greene Naftali Gallery in New York--von Wulffen pulled frenetically from the history of painting, creating stylistic mash-ups that cross-pollinate references as disparate as Biedermeier painting, psychedelia, Expressionism, illuminated manuscripts, fan art, Color Field painting, Romanticism, Surrealism, Impressionism, and various landscape traditions.
Among the fundamental concepts of Abstract Expressionism and Color Field painting was the belief that the source of art was the unconscious and that an artist working wholeheartedly out of intuition would somehow charge the materials he (or she) adopted with his own being, so that they would wordlessly embody his deepest feelings and concerns.
As an innovator in this type of abstract painting, Frankenthaler was an influential figure in the development of Color Field painting, a form of abstraction more concerned with color than with the gestural brushwork used by artists such as Pollock.
A realist who came of age during an era predominated by abstraction--Abstract Expressionism to be exact--Katz has been linked with a number of artistic tendencies, such as Color Field painting, Pop Art, and realism--both "new" and the traditional.
Today, however, I'm at the opposite end of the creative spectrum, working with acrylics, aluminum, brass and cord in an abstract mode I call 'organic, multi-tonal color field painting.