Colorado, University of

Colorado, University of,

main campus at Boulder; state supported; coeducational; chartered 1861, opened 1877. There are campuses at Colorado Springs and Denver; the Health Sciences Center, with a large medical center, is also at Denver. The university also operates the High Altitude Observatory at Climax. The university museum has a noted collection of materials and specimens relating to the natural history of the Southwest and the Rocky Mountain regions.

Colorado, University of


one of the leading US universities; it was established in 1861, and classes began in 1876.

The University of Colorado occupies a campus at Boulder, the Denver Center, the Denver Medical Center, and the Colorado Springs Center. In 1971 the university included colleges of arts and sciences, music, engineering, and environmental design; schools of business and administration, dentistry, education, journalism, law, medicine, pharmacy, and graduate studies; and divisions of evening and correspondence instruction. In addition there were institutes of arctic and alpine research, arts and humanities, computer science, evolutionary biology, theoretical physics, and economics; a cooperative institute for studies in the environmental field; a number of institutes studying problems in the behavior of human beings and animals; a joint institute of laboratory astrophysics; laboratories studying the physics of the atmosphere and outer space, as well as nuclear physics; centers for research in international economy and for instruction and research in labor relations; a bureau of state research and services; a high-altitude observatory; the Sommers-Bausch Observatory; a clinic for defects in speech and hearing; and a museum.

The libraries of the university contain about 1.3 million volumes and 500,000 microfilms. In 1971 the university had an enrollment of about 28,000; the teaching staff totaled 4,400, including approximately 550 professors.

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