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These 7 wavelengths are the colors of the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (dark blue/purple), and violet.
As a symbol of PRIDE and as a symbol of LGBT rights, the brick pattern area within the crosswalks will be painted with the colors of the rainbow flag.
All the colors of the rainbow plus silver are featured in this beautiful gateway to the Spanish language and Mexican culture.
Not only does the tallow tree keep to a manageable size, but it is replete with heart-shaped leaves that shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow each autumn.
White light is made up of all colors of the rainbow, a property you can discover yourself by shining white light into a prism, a triangular crystal that refracts (bends) white light rays into a spectrum, or range of all colors (see diagram below).
The shyly fluttering wings, looking like two sheets of mica glimmering with all the colors of the rainbow.
LAB B Step 1: Color in the 7 colors of the rainbow.
with their mentors from BPE, attended today's event at the Dorchester gas tank and painted the first symbolic colors of the rainbow design on the gas tank to kick-off its return to Boston.
Introduce baby to colors of the rainbow - red, blue, green and everything in between - with the Baby Einstein Color Kaleidoscope.