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The first milk secreted by the mammary gland during the first days following parturition.



in mammals and man, a secretion of the mam-mary glands present for a few days before and after parturition.

Colostrum is a thick, viscous, yellowish fluid with a brackish taste and characteristic odor. It differs from milk in its greater acidity, its higher content of dry matter (especially proteins— mainly albumins and globulins—and fats, minerals, and vitamins), and its lower content of sugar. In kind and combination of nutrients, colostrum is an indispensable food for newborns. It contains a large quantity of immune bodies and antitoxins, which protect the infant from the effects of pathogenic bacteria. In addition, it is a laxative and stimulates the normal activity of the digestive tract. In general, it helps the newborn adapt to extrauterine existence. Animal colostrum is not suitable for industrial processing; it clots quickly upon pasteurization and imparts an unpleasant flavor and poor storage potential to food products containing it. Human colostrum approaches the composition of normal milk by the third day or the end of the first week after labor; animal colostrum, after seven to ten days.

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If everything seems fine, pour the colostrum or milk into the tube, while holding it up higher than the kid.
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If mom has no milk or there is no colostrum for whatever reason, there are several manufactured colostrum supplements, but again, your window to make use of them is narrow.
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She wasn't getting the colostrum she needed, and her white blood cell count was very low, which happens when a baby doesn't get that first drink of milk,'' Ms.
Colostrum is the first secretion of the mammary glands after giving birth.
Newborns that fail to nurse and receive colostrum from the sow within the first 24 hours usually die.
This will give advice on calf procurement, rearing and housing, and colostrum management.