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a depository for urns containing ashes after a cremation.

In ancient Rome they were specially erected buildings with rows of semicircular niches. An ancient Roman columbarium, built in the first century B.C. under Augustus, was discovered near Rome, on the Appian Way. Today cemeteries and crematoriums are equipped with columbaria.


One or a series of niches, intended to receive human remains. (See illustration p. 232.) columella Same as colonette.
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UNCONVENTIONAL COLUMBARIUM Musgrove Family Mortuaries on Wednesday will unveil a restored Volkswagen bus that will be used to keep cremated remains.
Bob Mercier, landscape architect, was retained to design the columbarium and gardens.
It is especially cynical because many of the killed fought for their fatherland and they were charged with treason of the fatherland," Terese Birute Burauskaite, director general of the Genocide and Resistance Research Center of Lithuania, said at the Tuskulenai columbarium on Sept.
Reynolds Razorback Stadium & Columbarium be too far in the future?
Never one to cave in, Pech gave himself ballet classes two weeks after the surgery and self-produced an evening of dance at the Columbarium in San Francisco the following June.
Assuming the lightly ironic, inquisitive tone she used to great effect in Gleaners, Varda analyzes several of the photographs like a rue Daguerre semiotician, with glancing wit and insight, alighting on telling details and little accidents, and she makes a suggestive comparison between the grid of black-framed photos and urns in a columbarium.
He was cremated and his ashes are located in the columbarium section of the cemetery.
The rate of in-ground burials has decreased slightly since the 1980 opening of the columbarium complex, which will eventually provide space for up to 100,000 cremated remains.
next to the Army's Fort Myers, Arlington accepts ground interment as well as cremated remains for placement in its columbarium, which opened in 1980.
A niche in a columbarium - an above-ground receptacle for cremation remains - that cost $400 for a World War II veteran in 1946 at Forest Lawn's Glendale cemetery is now valued at $7,000, said Jack Springer, executive director of the Cremation Association of North America.
There was some concern about the tapestries on the north wall, and about the columbarium.