Columbia basin project

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Columbia basin project,

central Wash., a multipurpose development of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation providing irrigation, hydroelectric power, and flood control. Its key unit, the Grand Coulee DamGrand Coulee Dam
, 550 ft (168 m) high and 4,173 ft (1,272 m) long, on the Columbia River, N central Wash., NW of Spokane; built 1933–42 as a key unit in the Columbia basin project of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.
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, provides the project with power and pumps the waters of the Columbia River into an irrigation system comprising a series of lakes, reservoirs, and numerous canals. Irrigation was begun in 1948. In 1969 the project had an installed hydroelectric power generation capacity of 2,333,000 kW. O'Sullivan Dam (200 ft/61 m high; 19,000 ft/5,791 m long; completed 1949) on Crab Creek, the project's southernmost dam, is one of the largest earthfill dams in the United States and impounds Potholes Reservoir.
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Keys III Pump-Generating Plant contains 12 pumps that lift water from the Columbia River up the hillside to a canal that flows in to Banks Lake, which provides irrigation water to over 670,000 acres in the Columbia Basin Project.
Long-time farmer from Connell, Orman Johnson, was elected chairman of the Columbia Basin Development League which was created in 1964 to support the federal Bureau of Reclamation's Columbia Basin Project.
The Columbia Basin Development League promotes the orderly extension of irrigation infrastructure to eligible lands within the Columbia Basin Project, and recent focus by the League is to prevent economic and environmental disaster by replacing Odessa Aquifer groundwater withdrawals with project water.
09SP101729 for construction services on the Weber Siphon Project, as part of the Columbia Basin Project in Grant County, Washington.
92) The Columbia Basin Project irrigates approximately 600,000 acres of eastern Washington with water diverted above Grand Coulee Dam.
Wrote Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber in a July 24 letter to Washington Senator Slade Gorton: "To eliminate funding for the Columbia Basin Project at this time would be to turn away from science because we fear where it will lead us.
South Columbia Basin Irrigation District in Pasco, Washington, will update a surface water model of the Columbia Basin Project to better manage and plan future improvements.
As a result of the Odessa Subarea Special Study EIS findings, Reclamation, the State of Washington, and the East Columbia Basin Irrigation District are preparing to replace approximately 70,000 acres of groundwater- based irrigation with Columbia Basin Project surface water.

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