Combat Vehicle

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combat vehicle

[′käm‚bat ‚vē·ə·kəl]
A land or amphibious vehicle, with or without armor or armament, designed for specific functions in combat or battle.

Combat Vehicle


a self-propelled vehicle designed for waging battle. Combat vehicles include tanks, self-propelled guns, infantry combat vehicles, armored personnel carriers, armored cars, and prime movers with trailers or semitrailers on which armament or combat matériel is mounted.

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CVE is a cost-saving and manpower-reduction program that helps to ensure that combat vehicles are in top condition by identifying those vehicles that need major hull depot repairs and informing the appropriate personnel of needed attention.
Together, this team provides a storied legacy of performance on contemporary ground combat vehicles.
Shawwal 19, 1434, Aug 26, 2013, SPA -- The hybrid electric drive system of BAE's new ground combat vehicle has undergone 2,000 miles of testing on a fully integrated mobility platform, UPI reported.
This achievement will give our customers the confidence that we are truly a world class system's integrator of ground combat vehicles.
Analysis of the DoD Ground Combat Vehicle Market is part of the Defense Growth Partnership Services program, which also includes research in the following markets: Commercial and Military Aviation, as well as Homeland Security.
Composite materials are at the forefront of the technology for combat vehicles of the future," said Rock.
The Pizarro is a tracked combat vehicle designed to operate in conjunction with main battle tanks.
It's a light, agile wheeled combat vehicle with 360 degree armor protection against small arms fire, can withstand anti-tank land mines under any wheel and artillery burst fragments overhead.
Sb s solution was chosen after a rigorous and extensive competition for the next generation of Combat Vehicle live training system.
Transcripts of Army Roundtable on Stryker Combat Vehicle Performance Available; Photos and Narrative of Fly-In Demonstration Also Online.
Stryker is the Army's highest-priority production combat vehicle program and the centerpiece of the ongoing Army Transformation.

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