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Because battlefield commanders' insatiable appetite for the full motion video was escalating at the time, Pentagon officials set a target for 21 combat air patrols by 2010; the wing surpassed that number in April 2008 and is 60 percent over the goal, says Chambliss.
About 65 people could fly as many as eight different combat air patrols.
His missions included combat air patrols over the fleet, photo escort missions, armed reconnaissance, and close air support.
One California National Guard official said the fighter jets were likely sent from Fighter Wing 144 in Fresno, which is flying combat air patrols.
Mitscher's carrier-based fighters flew the first night combat air patrols against harassing Japanese Betty bombers and conducted the first night carrier offensive operations of the war.
Sea Harriers flew combat air patrols from HMS Invincible, and British support aircraft were also involved in the night's missions.
was loading F-16s, F-15s and A-10s with any armament available, then being directed to combat air patrols over major cities.
For Stein, the Turkish Air Force, operating its round-the-clock combat air patrols along the border, provides security against incursions to its air space.
Coalition Combat Air Patrols (CAPs) are airborne continuously over the operations area, providing rapid, flexible and lethal fires to our partners engaged in the fight against Daesh," said CJTF-OIR Chief of Staff Thomas Weidley.
If you only have one video spot per UAS, even with 50 combat air patrols, you only have 50 images.
To meet the increased need, the Air Force not only doubled the number of Predator combat air patrols over Iraq and Afghanistan, but it beat the 2010 deadline of 21 daily patrols by two years.

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