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sergeant major

a large damselfish, Abudefduf saxatilis, having a bluish-grey body marked with black stripes

Sergeant Major


(Russian, vakhmistr, from German Wachtmeister), a rank and duty position in the junior command of the cavalry and in the horse artillery in the pre-revolutionary Russian army. The sergeant major aided the squadron (battery) commander in the conduct of drill and in the organization of management and internal order. The rank of sergeant in other combat arms corresponded to that of sergeant major in the cavalry.

Sergeant Major


(Russian, starshina). In the Soviet armed forces, the person in a company (battery) responsible for proper performance of duty on the part of soldiers and sergeants, for order and discipline, and for the safekeeping of weapons and property. The sergeant major is the immediate superior of the company sergeants and soldiers. He is subordinate to the company commander; if no officers are present, he assumes command of the company.

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Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Moten also continues to develop the next generation of CBRNE leaders through his mentoring, coaching, and teaching of Chemical Corps leadership during the course of his duties as the division manager of Veteran Corps of America, as he touches each Soldier, senior noncommissioned officer, company commander, battalion commander, and brigade commander, including the senior staff officers at U.
When asked his thoughts on the value of using retired CSMs/SGMs as mentors at the CTCs, Command Sergeant Major David Pierce of the Joint Multinational Readiness Center said the CTC Mentorship Program is important to the U.
He retired an Army command sergeant major on June 30, 1977.
Hudson has held all leadership positions in the Noncommissioned Officer Corps through the rank of Command Sergeant Major.
From October 1968 to June 1972, he was assigned as a battalion command sergeant major at Fort Leonard Wood.
While in the Army CSM Clark rose through the ranks and held a variety of leadership positions in tactical Signal units in Korea, Germany, Iraq and the United States, including command sergeant major f one battalion and two brigades.
The sergeant major's experience and abilities are equal to that of the command sergeant major, but the sphere of influence regarding leader ship is generally limited to those directly under his or her charge.
the first Command Sergeant Major of our command, then known as the Military Traffic Management and Terminal Services (MTMTS).
Leonard, the 1st COSCOM commanding general, and Command Sergeant Major Luis Lopez, the 1st COSCOM command sergeant major, were joined by Lieutenant General John R.
Other assignments include serving as the command sergeant major of I Corps and Fort Lewis, Wash.
Larry Sutterer, TriWest's market vice president for Alaska, will present the check in the presence of Command Sergeant Major of the Army National Guard, John Gipe, the highest ranking non-commissioned officer in the U.

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