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sergeant major

a large damselfish, Abudefduf saxatilis, having a bluish-grey body marked with black stripes

Sergeant Major


(Russian, vakhmistr, from German Wachtmeister), a rank and duty position in the junior command of the cavalry and in the horse artillery in the pre-revolutionary Russian army. The sergeant major aided the squadron (battery) commander in the conduct of drill and in the organization of management and internal order. The rank of sergeant in other combat arms corresponded to that of sergeant major in the cavalry.

Sergeant Major


(Russian, starshina). In the Soviet armed forces, the person in a company (battery) responsible for proper performance of duty on the part of soldiers and sergeants, for order and discipline, and for the safekeeping of weapons and property. The sergeant major is the immediate superior of the company sergeants and soldiers. He is subordinate to the company commander; if no officers are present, he assumes command of the company.

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Command Sergeant Major Dahl is the command sergeant major of the 42d Military Police Brigade at Fort Lewis, Washington.
For the first time, Chemical Corps personnel hold three nominative-level command sergeant major positions and five brigade level positions.
Army Training and Doctrine Command's Command Sergeant Major, fills the bill for the "autonomous jurisdiction," but in a hierarchical organization such as the Army, who truly self-governs or acts independently?
James Riddick, command sergeant major for SDDC, gears up for firefighter training.
At this same ceremony, Chief Warrant Officer Gilles Laroche assumed the duties of JTFN CWO from CWO Mark Saulnier, who is posted to Heidelberg, Germany as the command sergeant major for the Allied Force Command Heidelberg.
Army Command Sergeant Major Mark Howe from Salem, Ill.
I'm glad to be able to take a few moments during this visit to recognize General Odierno and Command Sergeant Major Ciotola, and, with them, the remarkable achievements and sacrifices of the men and women of Multi-National Corp-Iraq.
For the NCO corps, those leaders are CASCOM's command sergeant major, the Army G-4 command sergeant major, and service school sergeants major.
Couch, and the incoming command sergeant major is Command Sgt.
A foreword by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Rick Atkinson and an afterword by Whitehead's colleague Command Sergeant Major Benjamin Franklin (U.
Establishment of the office was made possible through cooperative initiatives between the DAV National Service Office and Chapter 5 in San Antonio; Brigadier General James Gilman, Commanding General, Brooke Army Medical Center; Great Plains Regional Medical Command; and Command Sergeant Major Craig A.
The chief complication here is that Haney is a retired command sergeant major in the U.

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