Memorial Plaque

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Memorial plaque

A flat inscribed stone that commemorates a special event or to serve as a memorial; set into or fixed to the surface of a wall.

Memorial Plaque


a metal, marble, or granite plaque with an inscription (sometimes with a pictorial representation) that immortalizes important events and dates in the history of a country or city or in the life of eminent persons. Memorial plaques are usually hung on walls.

memorial plaque

A flat marker, usually of metal or stone and often inscribed, affixed to or set into a surface; used to serve as a memorial or to commemorate a special event.
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A new commemorative plaque was unveiled at the Sutton Cenotaph in York Region, Ont.
f) graphics should be performed according to the design of the commemorative plaque for Infrastructure and Environment Programme indicated on page 12, "Principles of use of the mark, a string of building and designing tables and stickers in the promotion of projects OPIE" (available on the website: http: // pois .
Danish peacekeepers who took part in the first UNFICYP mission to Cyprus have revisited the buffer zone and laid a commemorative plaque at a ceremony at Ledra Pallas.
A NEW Merseyside cafe has marked its association with a hit film by unveiling a commemorative plaque and photograph.
London, Jan 3 ( ANI ): Enid Blyton is set to be honoured with a commemorative plaque in Beaconsfield, England.
To mark the achievement, Ian Middlemiss, postmaster and store owner, was presented with a commemorative plaque by Newcastle North MP Catherine McKinnell.
THE artist who illustrated Oor Wullie and The Broons has been honoured with a commemorative plaque.
The event will feature live music, speeches by invited guests and the unveiling of a commemorative plaque.
Manor Walks and Vue Cinema have given the capsule a prime location at the entrance of the cinema and so many of our pupils can't wait to be able to see the commemorative plaque every time they visit the cinema once it is officially open.
Belton, a Spencer resident and descendent of James Hovey, brought a commemorative plaque to the Board of Selectmen with plans to mount it as a memorial.
A council spokesman said: "An advisory group would be set up to put together an annual list of potential commemorative plaque subjects.
A contact lens pioneer and the first woman consultant at Moorfields is being honored with an English Heritage commemorative plaque on her former house in London.