Memorial Plaque

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Memorial plaque

A flat inscribed stone that commemorates a special event or to serve as a memorial; set into or fixed to the surface of a wall.

Memorial Plaque


a metal, marble, or granite plaque with an inscription (sometimes with a pictorial representation) that immortalizes important events and dates in the history of a country or city or in the life of eminent persons. Memorial plaques are usually hung on walls.

memorial plaque

A flat marker, usually of metal or stone and often inscribed, affixed to or set into a surface; used to serve as a memorial or to commemorate a special event.
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What an indictment on successive local authorities that no commemorative plaque exists to mark this tragedy.
A commemorative plaque is to be put up on Tyneside in memory of politician Mo Mowlam.
Harry Shaw, chairman and founder of Harry Shaw City Cruiser, presented a commemorative plaque and two model coaches to the owners of the Weiland Hotel in the small town of Lahnstein on the banks of the River Rhine.
A commemorative plaque for Rich will be permanently displayed at the NMA headquarters in Dayton, Ohio.
A commemorative plaque is to be unveiled at the home of the late singer and writer Alex Glasgow.
FUNNYWOMAN Marti Caine, who died of cancer in 1995, has been honoured with a blue commemorative plaque at the BBC's television centre.
South Shields MP Mr Miliband, who unveiled a commemorative plaque, said: "These new facilities will help enhance the curriculum and making learning even more enjoyable.
A COMMEMORATIVE plaque was unveiled at Wolvey bridge to mark the completion of strengthening work.