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Court, Commercial


in certain bourgeois countries—for example, in France, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland (certain cantons)—a judicial institution with special jurisdiction. For the most part, commercial courts settle disputes over commercial transactions. In other countries, commercial disputes are settled either by special divisions of the civil courts or by judges who specialize in the consideration of such disputes.

Commercial courts originated during the period of feudalism in response to the desire of influential commercial groups for legal autonomy. They persist in countries with a dual system of private law, that is, countries in which civil and commercial law are separate and distinct from each other.

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A full choir took residency in Commercial Court and graffiti artists painted blank canvases on Lower Garfield Street.
The DIFC Courts have been chosen by Kazakhstan's central bank to advise on establishing a world class commercial court system including an arbitration centre at the planned Astana International Financial Centre, or AIFC.
The English High Court has appointed a receiver to oversee the interests of the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) in its ongoing litigations against Goldman Sachs and SociEatEa GEanEarale in the Chancery Division and the Commercial Court, London.
Summary: Casablanca's Commercial Court has ordered the seizure of Assawak Asalam group's shares, a 99% subsidiary of Ynna Holding, owned by Moroccan billionaire Miloud Chaabi.
In 2013, the DIFC Courts and the Commercial Court of England and Wales, both of which are recognised as being leading English-Language commercial courts, signed a Memorandum of Guidance defining such issues as the mutual enforcement of money decisions.
They say Aberdeen Civil Justice and Commercial Court, which opened last month, doesn't have enough space for solicitors to speak to clients in private.
In May, Kaneria appealed to the UK Commercial Court and was rejected and today a judge in the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal, the Rt Hon Sir Stanley Burnton, threw out Kaneria\'s latest attempt to have his ban overturned.
However, this practice does not exist in smaller cities and complex matters falling within in the jurisdiction of these smaller cities are handled by an ordinary commercial court, which can create difficulties for everyone, including the court that is facing a specific type of dispute for the first time and wastes time and resources studying a new chapter of law.
Some legal scholars argue that unlike commercial court is the judicial policy.
Tanta Commercial Court decided on Wednesday to adjourn the case of video blogger Ahmed Anwar until 22 January 2014, when a verdict will be issued.
It was not clear how the verdict affects a decision in a Toulon commercial court last month that ordered TUeV to pay damages to more than 1,600 women and six distributors for the implants.
Britain's Commercial Court will hear Batelco's case against former partner Siva and its chairman Chinnakannan Sivasankaran on May 7.

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