Commercial Usage

Usage, Commercial


an established procedure, or rule, in commercial practice that is used to determine the will of the contracting parties in the event this will has not been explicitly expressed in the contract. Commercial usage is taken into consideration only to the degree that the parties know of its existence and had it in mind when concluding the contract.

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The customers were also advised to apply for LNG connection for commercial usage.
The team dismantled the connection and advised them to apply for RLNG connection for commercial usage.
While we are yet to see the large-scale commercial usage of drones, the technologies which are in the pipeline are expected to break ground by 2020.
Luxtiera is a clear chair for public space and commercial usage including premium hotels, restaurants, hospitals and officeswherever people gather, meet and relax.
Types of agreements covered by the article include "those which:- directly or indirectly fix prices or other trading conditions;- share markets or sources of supply;- limit or control production, trade, technical development or investment;- apply to certain partners dissimilar conditions for equivalent transactions, thereby placing them at a competitive disadvantage;- make the conclusion of contracts subject to acceptance by the other party of supplementary obligations or to the conclusion of additional contracts which, by their nature or in accordance with commercial usage, have no connection with the subject of the main contract or to its performance.
Suitability for commercial usage is coming along slowly.
Al-Mohammadi pointed to the attention Qatar pays to education and the encouragement and support of scientific research, citing that the state has attracted some of the most important international universities and colleges in the fields of engineering, technology and medicine with a view to creating the necessary environment to develop suitable technologies for commercial usage and to support research, innovation and entrepreneurship.
Water recycling is a process of reusing treated wastewater for useful purposes such as industrial processes, agricultural and landscape irrigation, domestic and commercial usage, and ground water recharge.
MinnowBoard Turbot is MinnowBoard MAX compatible but adds a higher performance Intel Atom processor, FCC and CE certification, and new design robustness ease of use features that support full-scale commercial usage by OEMs.
The 2014 report details the analysis of nearly 10 billion lines of source code through the Coverity Scan service and commercial usage of the Synopsys Coverity[R] Software Testing Platform, the largest sample size that the report has studied to date.
It was followed by industrial and commercial usage plots at 502 and 506, respectively, at 1.

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