Commodity Credit Corporation

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Commodity Credit Corporation:

see agricultural subsidiesagricultural subsidies,
financial assistance to farmers through government-sponsored price-support programs. Beginning in the 1930s most industrialized countries developed agricultural price-support policies to reduce the volatility of prices for farm products and to increase,
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Administered by the USDA's Commodity Credit Corporation, it was granted in lieu of an extended quota on imports of foreign wheat gluten, the protein portion of wheat flour.
USDA has broad legal authority via the Commodity Credit Corporation for expenditures if it needs to control an outbreak of animal and plant diseases.
ABF has been accepted in the Bioenergy Program of the USDA Commodity Credit Corporation (http://www.
USDA plans to invest more than $300 million in the coming years to upgrade existing technology and streamline Commodity Credit Corporation program operations.
Section 416b provides for overseas donations of surplus commodities owned by the Commodity Credit Corporation to carry out assistance programs in developing countries and friendly countries.
Gus Schumacher has served as the third-highest ranking official in the United States Department of Agriculture in the Farm and Foreign Agricultural Service from 1997-2001 and President of the Commodity Credit Corporation.
Purportedly designed to protect the Taxpayer from the economic loss suffered when rice substantially inferior to the quality assumed under the farm-stored loan agreement is physically delivered and immediately resold by the Commodity Credit Corporation, it is our view that this new discount fails to accomplish this goal, while generating several painful unintended consequences.
OTCBB:BFII) announced today that the US Department of Agriculture Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) gave notice that BFII has been accepted as an eligible exporter under the Supplier Credit Guarantee Program (SCGP).
The Bill also contains a first-ever Energy Title that includes a continuation of the Commodity Credit Corporation Bioenergy program.
Implemented this past June and administered by the USDA's Commodity Credit Corporation, the program was granted in lieu of an extended quota on imports of foreign wheat gluten.
Department of Agriculture (USDA) that showed higher net transfers of crops from farmers to the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) and information on Federal outlays for June that indicated higher purchases of most of the other nondefense categories.

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