Common Cause

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Common Cause,

U.S. organization that seeks a "reordering of national priorities and revitalization of the public process to make our political and governmental institutions more responsive to the needs of the nation and its citizens." Established in 1970 by John W. GardnerGardner, John William,
1912–2002, American public official, U.S. secretary of health, education, and welfare (1965–68), b. Los Angeles. After teaching psychology at Connecticut and Mt. Holyoke colleges and serving as an intelligence officer with the U.S.
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, it succeeded the Urban Coalition Action Council, founded in 1968. Common Cause supports a large number of political reforms, including campaign finance reform, government ethics and accountability, and nuclear control agreements. It has sponsored voter registration drives nation-wide and has worked for a liberalization of voting registration. Common Cause has used ads, computerized Federal Election Commission records, lobbying, media outreach and especially litigation to promote reform. Its legal actions helped force disclosure of individuals and corporations that had anonymously contributed money to the 1972 presidential campaign. In 1991 its ad campaign, aimed at toughening a campaign finance bill containing no aggregate limit on PAC money for Congressmen, criticized Democratic Congressmen for collecting special interest money for campaigns. Located in Washington, D.C., the group has about 200,000 members.

common cause

[′käm·ən ′kȯz]
(analytical chemistry)
A cause of variability in a measurement process that is inherent in and common to the process itself.
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No common cause will account for the illness which has laid my patient on that bed.
As these circumstances, apparently so trifling, occur in two distant continents, we may feel sure that they are the necessary results of a common cause -- See Pallas's Travels, 1793 to 1794, pp.
Tom felt intensely that common cause with his father which springs from family pride, and was bent on being irreproachable as a son; but his growing experience caused him to pass much silent criticism on the rashness and imprudence of his father's past conduct; their dispositions were not in sympathy, and Tom's face showed little radiance during his few home hours.
The bigger sort of sixth-form boys just described soon made common cause with the fifth, while the smaller sort, hampered by their colleagues' desertion to the enemy, could not make head against them.
Another common cause of fatigue failure is contamination, which can also be introduced during mounting --or may even be in place from a previous bearing failure.
The petitioners, Campaign Legal Center, Common Cause, and Sunlight Foundation, named Tom Steyer as the true sponsor of an ad on WJLA, and Sean Fieler as the true sponsor of an ad on KGW.
Cocaine and alcohol are both increasingly common causes of palpitations.
Common Cause further contended that the government's latest move to proceed with the appointment of the chairperson and members of the Lokpal, even while the apex court was examining the validity of rules framed under the Lokpal Act, was not only highly improper but also ille- gal and arbitrary, the petition said.
A previous study by the current research team found that asphyxia was the most common cause for compensation-between 20 and 25 cases annually.
Public health minister Michael Matheson said: "Rotavirus is the most common cause of diarrhoea in young children and I welcome the use of any vaccine that can protect them.
He said that depression was most common cause of dementia in our country, adding figure of other issues causing diseases was also increasing.
We are pleased to be able to honor so many towns this year," said Common Cause executive director Pam Wilmot.