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In more than two-thirds of common-law partner homicides, the woman prevailed in the ensuing fight, typically stabbing her common-law husband as he attacked her.
Lyndamour Paxton, 31, a restaurant worker arrested on a separate charge of violating the immigration law, and her common-law husband, a 32-year-old chief petty officer with the U.
But in reality she was living with her common-law husband, Jeffrey Beel.
In the book, she also discovers her common-law husband is involved in a huge fi-nancial scam and as she delves into the background an evil cast of characters appear - including a man known as 'Psycho'.
Likewise many unmarried couples, who have cohabited together for years may assume there is no need for a will as they are classed as common-law husband and wife.
The pair bond while her common-law husband Bobby (David Morrissey) watches with mounting concern because Julia's giggles and bright red lipstick conceal a tendency to fall into deep depression.
He was recalled to prison to continue serving the life sentence imposed in 1988 for the murder of his mother and her common-law husband.
Mrs Tierney left court without comment accompanied by several of her grown-up children and her partner and common-law husband Joe Riley.
Evelyn Turner (right) with friends and family, waits for rescue workers with the body of her common-law husband, Xavier Bowie, after he died in the hurricane; People make their way down Canal Street in New Orleans
Pregnant Nicola Somerville, 26, opened her heart about the loss of her common-law husband, and said: "I have to carry on for the sake of the kids and my unborn baby.
Caroline Rankin, from Uppercross Road, Inchicore, had been due to marry Mr Neville, her common-law husband, in July.
She had admitted a charge of wounding her common-law husband two months ago.