common-law marriage

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common-law marriage:

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the legal aspects of the married state (for the sociological aspects, see marriage). The Marriage Contract

Marriage is a contractual relationship between a man and a woman that vests the parties with a new legal status.
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Common-Law Marriage


marital relations not formalized in the manner provided by law (see).

In the USSR, common-law marriage does not give rise to the marital rights and duties provided by legislation on marriage and the family. From 1927 through July 8, 1944, the legislation on marriage and the family of the RSFSR and other Union republics, except the Azerbaijan, Tadzhik, Uzbek, and Ukrainian SSR’s, allowed for recognition by judicial procedure of the legal force of a common-law marriage; children born of such a marriage had the same rights and duties with respect to their parents as children born of a registered marriage.

After the adoption of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of July 8, 1944, which provided for the obligatory registration of marriage, the court was not permitted to recognize common-law marital relations that were formed after July 8, 1944. Persons who had entered into a common-law marriage before the issuance of the decree were given the right to register the marriage with an indication of the time they had been living together. In case one of the parties had died or been declared missing in action during wartime, the other party had the right to apply to the court for recognition of the dead or missing person as the spouse.

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48) But most common-law spouses cohabited at the time of the lethal violence, including more than three-fourths of the common-law wives who killed their partners, and thus these homicides usually followed a different track than those involving formally married couples, who most often lived apart at the time of the lethal encounter.
Therefore, lethal fights for common-law spouses typically occurred while the couple cohabited, escalated from more minor disagreements, and began with men challenging their partners' perceived assertions of authority, giving common-law marriages a lower flashpoint for conflict and hence a higher rate of violent confrontations than formal conjugal unions.
At least judging by homicidal violence, common-law unions were not open marriages, and common-law spouses were not promiscuous.
51) Similarly, the circuit split over whether section 601(a) applies to a victim's legal spouse, common-law spouse, unmarried partner, or merely the victim suggests that the provision may not be entirely clear.
36) Refusing to extend C-Y-Z- to common-law spouses, fiances, and partners, the BIA reasoned that these relationships lack the sanctity, validity, and long-term commitment inherent in legal marriages.
2001 (June): Statistics Canada places same-sex people under common-law spouses.
And last June, Quebec extended the rights of common-law spouses to same-sex couples.
He said: "Spouses and common-law spouses are eligible for compensation under our rules.
Freedom with stable income enabled free-born common-law spouses to live together.
for spousal support pursuant to the Ontario Family Law Act, although section 29 of the Act stipulated that the support provisions in the law applied only to married and common-law spouses.
The share-out of assets is more straightforward with married couples, but common-law spouses have to PROVE their right.
The court corrected the statute by expanding the definition of spouse to include some common-law spouses.