Commonwealth Day

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Commonwealth Day

Second Monday in March
From 1903 until 1957, this holiday in honor of the British Empire was known as Empire Day and was celebrated on May 24, Queen Victoria's birthday. Between 1958 and 1966, it was called British Commonwealth Day . Then it was switched to Queen Elizabeth II's official birthday in June, and the name was shortened to Commonwealth Day. It is observed annually on the second Monday in March.
In Canada it is still celebrated on May 24 (or the Monday before) and referred to as Victoria Day .
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net Flying the flag in city COVENTRY City Council also flew a flag to commemorate Commonwealth Day and to underline the city's commitment to the Commonwealth and the values it represents.
The day will see 500 such flags hoisted across the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man at 10am on Commonwealth Day, March 10.
The Queen's pre-recorded message will form part of the annual Observance of Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey this afternoon attended by the Duke of Edinburgh and a host of dignitaries.
Possibilities could be Commonwealth Day in March, Europe Day in May or United Nations Day in October.
SHILPA Shetty has now been introduced to the Queen after giving an address on racial tolerance to mark Commonwealth Day.
Today, 13 March, we once again celebrate Commonwealth Day with this year's theme being Health and Vitality'.
The trophy will be presented at the Commonwealth Day football game between the two schools the following fall.
The Relay begins its journey in London on Commonwealth Day, 14 March 2005.
the last, Commonwealth Day, created in the late 1990s to occur in
Abbie Armstrong, 12, will be performing her rst major public engagement in her role when she takes part in a special ceremony at North Tyneside Council's oces in Cobalt Business Park to mark Commonwealth Day on Monday.
We could make a start by flying the Commonwealth flag from the Town Hall and public buildings on Commonwealth Day - celebrated on the second Monday of March.
KIRKLEES Council joined "history in the making" to mark Commonwealth Day.

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