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Commonwealth Fund,

foundation established (1918) by Anna M. Harkness, wife of Stephen V. Harkness, an early Standard Oil investor, "for the welfare of mankind." Its headquarters are in New York City. In 1998 its assets were estimated at over $536 million, and it dispensed nearly $23 million. Contributing in its first 20 years to the early development of child guidance clinics and the strengthening of rural hospitals and health departments, in later years it has emphasized health care services, especially for minorities, and the advancement of the well-being of elderly people and children. It also has an international program in health care policy.
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The Commonwealth Fund report warned that repealing the ACA's individual mandate--a measure successfully included in the tax legislation signed by President Donald Trump in December--could reverse many of the insurance gains so far, as smaller risk pools would likely hike the cost of coverage.
Founded in 2007, CommonWealth Fund Services is a fund administrator servicing more than USD 8bn in assets among more than 100 domestic and offshore investment funds.
As the Commonwealth Fund analysis authors note, "The past four years have seen rapid growth in the number of ACOs, as various groups rush to promote or adapt to this new, risk-based payment model.
The Commonwealth Fund asked exchange plan users and enrollees in employer-sponsored health plans a question that applied mainly to the people in each group who have had health problems: "Have you or a family member ever received care at a hospital that you thought was covered by your insurance, but you received a bill from a doctor who was not covered by your plan?
These differences were not explained by variations in demographic compositions of the states' populations, according to The Commonwealth Fund.
The Commonwealth Fund survey was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International from July 22 to Dec.
Commonwealth Fund researchers examined differences in how women fare in the United States compared to women in 10 other countries--Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the U.
Source: "Paying the Price: How Health Insurance Premiums are Eating Up Middle-Class Incomes" (The Commonwealth Fund, August 2009)
The difference between the Commonwealth Fund's plan and other policy proposals under consideration is that it provides the details on how to implement these broad policies, as well as the financial and clinical consequences of the policies, said Karen Davis, president of the Commonwealth Fund.
The Commonwealth Fund estimates that the cost of COBRA is four to six times as high as what people pay when they are employed.
Funding for the study is provided by the 1199SEIU Greater New York Worker Participation Fund and the Commonwealth Fund and the Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation that supports independent research on health care issues.
If legislators needed additional motivation to improve Oregon's beleaguered health care system before they adjourn, they got some on Wednesday from the Commonwealth Fund, a nonpartisan health care research group based in New York.

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