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The Commonwealth Games Association has decided to ban 11th-hour inducements as a consequence of the outrage over India's tactics, The Daily Telegraph reports.
The Australian Commonwealth Games Association is owed more than $100,000 (about `46 lakh) in travel subsidies.
In accordance with the CGF anti-doping standard (ADS), Mr Wanniarachchi has been notified of the finding through the Sri Lankan Commonwealth Games Association.
The head of Australia's Commonwealth Games Association, Perry Crosswhite, was upbeat as well.
For his part, Perry Crosswhite, the head of Australia's Commonwealth Games Association, said: "I am very pleased with the village as of now.
Summary: Cameroon's Commonwealth Games Association deputy secretary David Ojong believes India's preparations for next year's Games are on track.
This week, Glasgow City Council, the Scottish government and the Commonwealth Games Association will meet to set up an organising committe to deliver the games.
Tiki Matap, president of the Cook Islands Commonwealth Games Association, said: "I'm very impressed.
The Australian Commonwealth Games Association are making arrangements for Etoundi to fly home as soon as possible, he added.
The Gold Coast team represented by Mayor Ron Clarke, Australian Commonwealth Games Association President Sam Coffa, bid team chief Mark Stockwell and local schoolgirl Eve stressed that the town had most venues in proper condition and was capable of hosting the Games successfully.
Currie's fears were echoed by Australia's chef de mission, retired marathon runner Steve Moneghetti, after he held talks with Australian Commonwealth Games Association chief executive Perry Crosswhite, who had checked into the village.
CGF Chief Executive Mike Hooper played down comments by Australian Commonwealth Games Association CEO Perry Crosswhite that the games could be cancelled if security was in doubt.

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