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Commonwealth countries that have issued travel advisories seek advice for their extension from the ambassadors," secretary of tourism Tanveer Jehan said.
While people from Commonwealth countries such as Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan have the right to vote in local and national elections while living here, Britons do not enjoy the same rights when those countries go to the polls.
Plans are being laid for a Commonwealth Private Investment Initiative - a series of coordinated regional funds and other structures to mobilise capital for commercial investments in privatised companies and small and medium-sized companies in developing Commonwealth countries.
The CJA is a voluntary professional association offering training and moral support to journalists in Commonwealth countries where the media lacks resources, comes under pressure from governments and commercial interests or suffer threats of violence.
The study of 10 Commonwealth countries showed that, including flights, Cyprus (pounds 1,199) had the lowest total costs, with Malta next (pounds 1,230) and Kenya third (pounds 1,435).
Australia followed by New Zealand, Canada and the other Commonwealth countries that have stayed loyal to the British crown would also remove themselves from the Commonwealth.
This is the first time the event has been held inWales and around 500 delegates, including ministers and senior local government staff, from 54 Commonwealth countries are expected to attend.
A group of pensioners from Commonwealth countries, such as Canada and Australia, took their case to the courts, arguing their pensions should rise like those in the EU.
Port-of-Spain, Nov 28 (ANI): The Canadian Government has followed the United Kingdom in announcing that it will oppose Sri Lanka's bid to host the next summit of 53 Commonwealth countries in 2011.
It will be the first time Charles has been to an overseas CHOGM - the gathering of leaders of Commonwealth countries which takes place every two years, Clarence House said.
India: Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has pulled out of a meeting of heads of government from Commonwealth countries in Australia later this year, government officials in New Delhi said Thursday.
A FORMER Tory health secretary has urged the Government to do more to combat anti-gay laws in Commonwealth countries.

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