Communicating Vessels

Communicating Vessels


vessels that are interconnected at the bottom (see Figure 1). When communicating vessels with diameters large enough to negate the capillary effect are filled with the same fluid, the fluid levels are of the same height regardless of the shape of the vessels. This is the working principle of fluid manometers and water-gauges for steam boilers. If the communicating vessels are filled with different fluids, the heights of the fluid columns (measured from the surface where the fluids

Figure 1

are in contact with each other) are inversely proportional to the densities; that is, ρ1h1 = ρ2h2, where ρ1, ρ2, h1, and h2 are, respectively, the densities and heights of the fluid columns. This relation is used to determine the density of a fluid. If, however, one of the legs of the communicating vessels is sealed, then the level difference will depend on the pressure in the sealed leg; this is the working principle of sealed manometers.

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Economics and politics are two communicating vessels.
Decolonizing modernism goes beyond celebrating the advantages of marginality; it involves a historiographical revision of that relationship between Joyce and Spanish American writers in order to build "an ex-centric web of literary relations, a system of communicating vessels that crisscross as they circumnavigate privileged centres" (6).
The final amount of the issuance and the amount to be allocated for each of the series will be defined according to the bookbuilding process ("Bookbuilding Process") that will be carried out and pursuant to the communicating vessels system.
Many also link the two issues of Iran and Syria, in addition of course to the domestic disputes in Iraq and in Lebanon, and consider those arenas to have become akin to communicating vessels.

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