Communicating Sequential Processes

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Communicating Sequential Processes

(language, parallel)
(CSP) A notation for concurrency based on synchronous message passing and selective communications designed by Anthony Hoare in 1978. It features cobegin and coend and was a precursor to occam.

See also Contextually Communicating Sequential Processes.

["Communicating Sequential Processes", A.R. Hoare, P-H 1985].
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The computer frame is not named explicitly in the text but is deduced from the sum of all the specialised terms in the text: heterogeneous modelling, dataflow, process networks, discrete-event systems, synchronous/reactive languages, finite-state machines, communicating sequential processes, embedded software, and custom hardware.
He is the author of Communicating Sequential Processes (Prentice Hall International 1985), the editor of Mathematical Logic and Programming Languages (Prentice Hall International) 1984 and coauthor of many papers including Mathematics of Programming, Laws of Programming, and Weakest Prespecification.

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