Communications Helmet

Helmet, Communications


headgear in the form of a helmet and equipped with an electroacoustical headset consisting of two earphones and either a microphone with a low sensitivity to ambient noise or two laryngophones. Communications helmets are intended for personnel who work under very noisy conditions, for example, in airplanes or tanks.

The helmet, which is made of fabric or leather and is lined with acoustic insulation, covers the entire head except the face. When laryngophones are used, the helmet also covers the neck. The earphones are snugly fitted into acoustically insulating pads sewn into the helmet; the edges of the pads are pressed against the head around the ears. The microphone is in a special holder near a corner of the mouth. The laryngophones, which are usually employed at noise levels exceeding 120 decibels, are fastened to the neck at the larynx. The headset is connected to equipment for intercommunication, outside communication, or both.

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Shape: High Cut Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (Mich)
has put together a multiple light system for the TC 2000 modular integrated communications helmet.
Harry, seen above in his communications helmet, is firmly focused as he drives an armoured reconnaissance vehicle for the first time.
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The Modular Integrated Communications Helmet was under development for four years before it was fielded to the Special Operations Command in January 2001.
Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH), Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) (TC-2000 Ballistic Helmet) -- Rick Elder, Mike Rowan, Scott Bennet, George Schultheiss, Norm Fanning, Army Sgt.
Unit supply personnel and Soldiers should immediately inspect chin strap retention systems on all modular integrated communications helmets (MICHs).
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