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Official name: Union of the Comoros

Capital city: Moroni

Internet country code: .km

Flag description: Four equal horizontal bands of yellow (top), white, red, and blue with a green isosceles triangle based on the hoist; centered within the triangle is a white crescent with the convex side facing the hoist and four white, five-pointed stars placed vertically in a line between the points of the crescent; the horizontal bands and the four stars represent the four main islands of the archipelago - Mwali, Njazidja, Nzwani, and Mahore (Mayotte - territorial collectivity of France, but claimed by Comoros); the crescent, stars, and color green are tradi­tional symbols of Islam

National anthem: “Udzima Wamasiwa” (Union des Óles), lyrics by Said Hachim Sidi Abderemane, music by Kamil­dine Abdallah et Said Hachim Sidi Abderemane

Geographical description: Southern Africa, group of islands at the northern mouth of the Mozambique Chan­nel, about two-thirds of the way between northern Mada­gascar and northern Mozambique

Total area: 838 sq. mi. (2,171 sq. km.)

Climate: Tropical marine; rainy season (November to May)

Nationality: noun: Comoran(s); adjective: Comoran

Population: 711,417 (July 2007 CIA est.)

Ethnic groups: Antalote, Cafre, Makoa, Oimatsaha, Sakalava

Languages spoken: Arabic (official), French (official), Shikomoro (a blend of Swahili and Arabic)

Religions: Sunni Muslim 98%, Roman Catholic 2%

Legal Holidays:

Cheikh Al Maarouf DayMar 18
Independence DayJul 6
Journee Nationale MaoreNov 12
Labor DayMay 1
New Year's DayJan 1
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These sites are the main communications crossroads between the Comoros Islands and Madagascar.
Emirati citizen and Comoros Island passport owner Marwan Eisa Abdul Rahman Al Beloushi, 24, and Ayed Adel Mohammad Al Beloushi, who is also Emirati, will serve seven years in prison on charges of manufacturing explosives and polluting the environment.
Al-Hamad also conveyed greetings on behalf of the minister who also expressed appreciation and admiration to the state of Kuwait role and contribution through various economic and development projects in Comoros Islands.
Leul Abate's pleas to let him land the jet safely at an airport in Moroni, the capital of the Comoros Islands.
As an example, the outbreak of chikungunya fever in 2005 in the Comoros Islands led to the first documented CHIKV infections imported into France by travelers who had visited the islands (28).
The visit of the Comorian parliamentary delegation is part of the will of the two countries to strengthen the special relations and deep friendship ties between Morocco and the Comoros Islands, he said
The summit is attended by the emir of Kuwait as well as the leaders of Sudan, the Comoros Islands, Tunisia, Mauritania, Libya, Djibouti, Somalia, Palestine and Lebanon in addition to the host country Iraq.
Summary: A Yemeni Airbus jet carrying 153 people crashed into the Indian Ocean as it came in to land in the Comoros islands early Tuesday but rescuers pulled a five-year-old child from the sea alive,
Although considered a straggler, the capture of the fish led to the discovery of the first documented population, off the remote Comoros Islands.
To the Editor: The Indian Ocean was free of cholera for decades, until January 1998, when an outbreak was detected in Comoros Islands (1).
The pair managed to scramble clear as the aircraft sank under the waves, about 500 yards from a beach on the Comoros Islands.
The two women kept their cool as their section of the aircraft sank under the waves, about 500 yards from a beach on the Comoros Islands.