Comparative Grammar

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Comparative Grammar


the comparative genetic study of the phonetics (phonology), morphophonemics, word formation, inflection, and sometimes the syntax of a family or group of related languages. A comparative grammar together with an etymological dictionary can summarize the results of the comparative genetic study of a family (group) of languages.

The first comparative grammars of the Indo-European languages were written by F. Bopp and A. Schleicher. A more complete comparative grammar of the Indo-European languages was written by K. Brugmann and B. Delbrück. Since the second half of the 19th century and throughout the 20th century, individual branches of the Indo-European family of languages and of other families and groups of languages have been the subject of comparative grammatical studies.


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Alice Cooper (unlike her educationally challenged namesake) was something of an expert in comparative grammar, but was also a great enthusiast for modern science, a close friend of Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) and (pretty obviously) a feminist before her time.
The following part of my paper describes the model of the situation as part of the Universal Comparative Grammar for Didactic Purposes (Leontive 1990: 94-96).
Semitic Languages: Outlines of a Comparative Grammar.
A comparative grammar of British English dialects; agreement, gender, relative clauses.
As Trautmann demonstrates, Ellis's contribution to scholarship has been unduly eclipsed by works such as A Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or South-Indian Family of Languages (1856) by Robert Caldwell, who was not forthcoming in acknowledging his debt.
The features of the Hebrew of the earliest Biblical poetry are then set out, followed by a long presentation of the features of the standard pre-exilic Hebrew, covering such diverse topics as vocabulary, parallelism, dialects, loanwords, comparative grammar, and a precis of the morphology.
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