relational operator

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relational operator

[ri′lā·shən·əl ′äp·ə‚rād·ər]
(computer science)
An operator that indicates whether one quantity is equal to, greater than, or less than another.

relational operator

A symbol that specifies a comparison between two values. See also ampersand codes.

Relational Operator             Symbol

 EQ   Equal to                   =

 NE   Not equal to        <> or  #  or !=

 GT   Greater than               >

 GE   Greater than or equal to   >=

 LT   Less than                  <

 LE   Less than or equal to      <=
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If selects level and size cannot satisfy condition exactly the size, then finally selects to it the level according to density comparison operator sorting, selects according to sequence needs the integer solution.
The if-then-else operations, for example, needed the == comparison operator to properly compare a measured temperature to a temperature range.
If you create a validation rule using Whole Number, Decimal, Date, Time, or Text Length, the next step is to choose a comparison operator.
Comparison operators are used between two expressions to create a formula that returns True or False.
The objective of this consultancy project for the implementation of the efficiency comparison is to identify suitable control parameters in order to ensure the comparability of the efficiency comparison operators located in terms of their supply task.
The rest address specific results with topics such as parametrizing distinguished varieties, superposition operators and the order and type of entire functions, smooth functions in star-invariant subspaces, conjugation and Clark operators, a class of conformal mappings with applications to function spaces, composition operators between Bergman spaces of several variables, isometries of some classical function spaces among the composition operators, new results on a classical operator, the classical Dirichlet space, comparisons of topologies on the space of composition operators, and Brennan's conjecture for weighted comparison operators.
In the dialog to edit the rule description, the second dropdown menu offers the familiar choices for less than, greater than, equal to, between, and the other comparison operators that were popular in Excel 2003.

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