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Compel is a complete on-demand platform for sales performance management.
We have continued to take market share and it is heartening to see Compel growing once again.
Centive Compel is an affordable, subscription-based solution that provides powerful tools like plan modeling, commission expense forecasting, custom reporting and performance analytics to help companies optimize plan effectiveness and drive sales performance.
Compel said that on the final day of the period allowed by the sale agreement, SCH had written to the group 'making certain warranty and indemnity claims' amounting to approximately pounds 3.
Not long ago, the New Jersey Supreme Court refused to compel a physician to arbitrate his claim of discrimination brought under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination because his purported waiver of statutory remedies did not expressly mention that statute.
Built upon a scalable open architecture, Compel II also makes it easier for network administrators to limit access of employees or affiliates to only those features and functions their jobs require.
Compel is facing a 275p-per-share bid from Computacenter, whose own shares have fallen sharply following a profit warning on Monday.
From modeling and commission expense forecasting to cost of sales analysis to sales performance analytics, only Compel provides the strategic tools sales and finance executives need to achieve and exceed sales, revenue and profitability goals.
Computacenter said it had approached Compel with a proposal to buy the company for pounds 85 million and was seeking further financial details as well as the approval of the Compel board.
To optimize sales performance, Compel provides Draeger's sales representatives and sales management with secure dashboards that enable real-time visibility into key performance metrics, as well as reporting and executive analytics features to support in-depth analysis of individual and team performance.
5 million shares in Compel, which was quoted on the main Stock Exchange yesterday at about 195p a share.
If public employers interested in pursuing administrative sanctions decide to compel employees to respond to job-related questions, then steps should be taken to assure employees that their statements will not be used against them in any subsequent criminal prosecution.