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With Miconex, our offerings will now include a new and advanced set of competencies in the manufacture of highly complex fluid systems used for wet processing steps like cleaning, chemical mechanical polishing and electrochemical deposition.
The problem arises because unlike in electronic circuits, where one component is physically connected to the next by wires that ensure information is always flowing in a particular direction, biological circuits are made up of components that are all floating around together in the complex fluid environment of a cell's interior.
The right hip CT showed a very large joint effusion containing complex fluid compatible with infected fluid.
The Smart FilmCARD is capable of complex fluid manipulations with potential applications in research laboratories, genetic sequencing sample preparations and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) assays.
Included are complex fluid staging and delivery systems to meet narrow installation timeframes at plants in often remote locations.
Washington, January 29 ( ANI ): Stanford Engineering's Center for Turbulence Research (CTR) has made a new record in computational science by successfully using a supercomputer with more than one million computing cores to solve a complex fluid dynamics problem-the prediction of noise generated by a supersonic jet engine.
Indeed, the measurement of distillation curves has been part of complex fluid specifications for a century (typically listed as the fluid volatility), and they are inherent in the design of all fuels.
Mosquito tricks may also inspire engineers designing swarms of tiny flying robots, or be of interest to physicists studying complex fluid dynamics at this scale.
We solve the steady fully developed flow of this complex fluid between two long horizontal plates subject to the no-slip condition.
The pes anserine tendons were intimately related to this complex fluid collection, seen as echogenic bands coursing through the more relatively hypoechoic fluid.
Ultrasound (Figs 2 and 3) demonstrated complex fluid.