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Additional features include adjustable tripod, 1280x800 VGA Input Support, 1280x800 HDMI Support, MicroSD Card Port, USB Port, Composite Video Input, and 3.
Tenders are invited for Supply of led tv , 40 inches , picture resolution 1920 x 1080 , full hd , digital voise filter , viewing angle 176 degree approx , 5 picture mode , 24 p play back / 2 : 2/ , 2 built in sheater, sound out hut / rms/ 24 w , usbl , hdmi 2 / rear/ usb movie play back , usb movie play back format , 2 composite video input , 1 analog audio input , ac 110 v - 240 v , 50 / 60 hz , dimension 896 x 85 x 537 mm 9 kg weight approx as pect ratio 16 : 9 vesa comhatible installation with one year warranty .
The CAPTURE-HD base model, priced at $3,800, provides HDMI and RGBHV inputs for such sources, plus a composite video input for a camera and line-level audio input for a wireless microphone.
The Digital Signage Media Player with Wi-Fi Plus offers the same features but with the added ability to connect live video using a composite video input with audio.
Specifications mPress is a short 7" PCI board that has a Composite Video input, S-Video input, and a Line-Level Audio input.
The projector is set up by running a cable from the panel to a computer, and for video presentations, a direct composite video input and S-video terminals are provided.
The NTSC/PAL video decoder board has interfaces for both S-Video input and Composite video input (CVBS).
For analog signal transmission Smartec video monitor has a composite video input, while for PC-connection - it has D-Sub connector.
A new REDFLY Media Port and REDFLY Media Cable provide a simultaneous connection as a third USB port and composite video input (NTSC/PAL compatible).
The reference platform consists of a hardware board with a high-resolution CMOS sensor interface, composite video input and a standard Ethernet connection.
Collage Source Bridge -- Adding an existing component is easy with the Collage Source Bridge, which includes a variety of common inputs (digital and analog), plus composite video input for CCTV cameras.
3C25 FPGA with 25K logic elements -- 32 Mbytes DDR SDRAM -- 1 Mbyte SSRAM -- 16 Mbytes Flash -- 10/100 Ethernet (PHY) -- 800 x 480 color touch panel LCD -- SD card I/F (with SD Flash card) -- Audio output -- Audio input -- Microphone input -- Composite video input -- VGA output -- PS2 interface -- RS-232