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Feed additives, on the other hand, are supplements used in compound feed to improve the overall health and productivity of animals.
Swine feed would account for the largest share at 31% of compound feed market in 2012.
21 June 2010 - The French Animal Feed Producers Association recently released its data on compound feed production for April 2010.
Cargill's expertise in compound feed, supply chain and risk management will come together with Provimi's wide range of nutritional expertise, technology and portfolio of premix, additives and ingredients.
11 June 2010 - Dutch compound feed prices for May 2010, obtained from Dutch government sources.
Cargill today announced that Sarena Lin has been named president of the the company s global compound feed business unit.
4 June 2010 - According to the European Feed Manufacturers Federation (FEFAC), 2010 compound feed production may drop 1% compared to 2009's 147.
The contract is the supply of compound feed for livestock: swine, rabbits, chickens, quail, chickens and sheep.
4 June 2010 - EU-27 compound feed production for 2009 (not including Greece, Malta and Luxembourg) amounted to 147.
Table 75: European Compound Feed Consumption by Type of
Tenders are invited for Pilot Plant for the Production of Compound Feed Granular and Concentrated Vitamin-Mineral Premixes