Comprehensive Rates

Rates, Comprehensive


the time norms set for the aggregate of all jobs entailed in manufacturing one unit of output or for major separate parts of such a process.

Comprehensive rates are developed on the basis of a performance schedule for the production process being standardized that defines the composition and sequence of all the operations involved. In the USSR, comprehensive rates have become most common in construction, transportation, coal mining, and logging. In the coal industry, for example, comprehensive rates are established for the entire set of jobs necessary to extract one ton of coal.

The application of comprehensive rates promotes fuller utilization of equipment and production time and creates conditions for combining jobs and giving workers greater material incentive to raise labor productivity. Comprehensive rates are being increasingly applied as technology develops and flow methods of organizing production and labor are introduced.

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Tenders are invited for Comprehensive rates for AMC work of Water Purifire, RO and Water Cooler
It is now possible for the executive managers to have a full medical examination at special comprehensive rates, which include the cost of medical examinations and travel tickets, accommodation and transportation.
Gerald Eve's new contract will begin in April 2009 and encompasses a comprehensive rates management service and rating appeals work, with the primary focus being the important 2010 rating revaluation.
State Farm also is basing its collision and comprehensive rates on the list price of each vehicle.
High coverage levels are sustained through projected rate increases not yet adopted and the city is currently undertaking a comprehensive rates study.
com addresses consumer frustration by providing comprehensive rates and relevant objective information as well as giving users choice of where to book.
As early as March, Farmers customers with full coverage in South Dakota could see their collision and comprehensive rates reduced up to 14% and 12%, respectively, for those coverages.
In 1997, however, 31 insurance companies filed for rate decreases, including Allstate, the state's largest auto insurer, which decreased its comprehensive rates by 20 percent statewide.
The company also reduced its comprehensive rates by 20 percent in July 1997.
For example, 31 insurance companies filed for rate decreases in 1997, including Allstate, the state's largest auto insurer, which decreased its comprehensive rates by 20 percent state-wide.
Phoenix's Private Label Program allows distributors to market callback services under their own company name and take advantage of Phoenix's advanced technology along with industry recognized service and comprehensive rates.

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