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MacKenzie, Sir Compton,

1883–1972, English author, b. West Hartelpool, Durham, educated at Oxford. In Apr., 1923, he founded the Gramophone, a periodical devoted to reviewing recordings. A prolific and versatile writer, MacKenzie was particularly noted for his novels, which were often set in exotic locations. They include Carnival (1912), Sinister Street (1913), and On Moral Courage (1962). Among his nonfiction works is Mr. Roosevelt (1944).


See his autobiography, My Life and Times (10 vol., 1963–71); study by K. Young (1968).

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Based on the novel by Compton Mackenzie, the 1949 Ealing version of Whisky Galore
It is based on the novel Whisky Galore by Sir Compton Mackenzie who lived near the island's airport which is the UK's only beach landing strip.
Among the less notorious connected to the service were Graham Greene, Somerset Maugham, Compton Mackenzie and Malcom Muggeridge.
According to The Guardian, Compton Mackenzie, Malcolm Muggeridge, and philosopher AJ "Freddie" Ayer were among the many exotic characters who agreed to spy for Britain, mainly during wartime, and have been revealed in the first authorised history of the MI6.
In 1947, Scots author Compton Mackenzie wrote a novel, Whisky Galore, based on the incident which, in 1949, was turned into an Ealing Comedy of the same name.
30 A 1947 novel by Compton Mackenzie based on a real incident in 1941, the tale of how several hundred cases of whisky found their way to a remote Scottish island from a wrecked cargo vessel - much to the delight of the wily locals - became a much-loved Ealing comedy in 1949.
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Which novel by Compton Mackenzie was made into a film in which Hebridean islanders attempt to evade the wartime authorities?
There is also an odd comparison of Buchan, rightly treated as serious writer and thinker, with the lightweight poseur, Compton Mackenzie.
Documents have been recently released revealing that the author of 'Whisky Galore' - Sir Compton Mackenzie - was watched by the MI5.
These giants, in turn, assisted later writers on their search, including Alfred Noyes, Compton MacKenzie, Siegfried Sassoon, Evelyn Waugh, Graham Greene, Eric Gill, Sheila Kaye-Smith, David Jones, Roy Campbell, Frederick Copleston, Arnold Lunn, Robert Speaight, and Edith Sitwell.
The film was adapted from a book by Sir Compton MacKenzie, who lived on Barra.