Computer Graphics Metafile

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computer graphics metafile

[kəm¦pyüd·ər ¦graf·iks ′med·ə‚fīl]
(computer science)
A standard device-independent graphics format that is used to transfer graphics images between computer programs and storage devices. Abbreviated CGM.

Computer Graphics Metafile

(graphics, file format)
(CGM) A standard file format for storage and communication of graphical information, widely used on personal computers and accepted by desktop publishing and technical illustration systems.

MIME type: image/cgm.

ANSI/ISO 8632-1987. Worked on by the ISO/IEC group JTC1/SC24.

CGM Open Consortium.

See also: WebCGM.
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The fourth primary document, MIL-D-28003, Digital Representation for Communication of Illustration Data, defines a subset and applications profile of Computer Graphics Metafile for 2-D graphic arts illustrations.
With the ActiveCGM Browser(tm), InterCAP Graphics Systems, the world leader in computer graphics metafile (CGM) technology, has produced an easy-to-use product for viewing "intelligent graphics" published on the World Wide Web a corporate intranet, or within other applications like Nereus.
is a leading supplier of technology, services, and consulting for CGM, the Computer Graphics Metafile standard.
Solid Edge Version 3 provides an easy method for sharing design data within and across the Intranet/Internet through industry-standard Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) technology.
The eIPC also takes advantage of the international standard for computer graphics metafiles (CGM) technology, offered by companies like Micrografx, which gives users the ability to find information via graphics and the call-outs within graphics.
InterCAP's ActiveCGM Viewer is based on the international standard for computer graphics metafiles (ISO/IEC 8632:1992).
ActiveCGM is a vendor-neutral family of profiles of the international standard for Computer Graphics Metafiles (ISO/IEC 8632:1992, commonly called the CGM standard).
0 of the ActiveCGM Browsers will also be available for the HP-UX, Sun Solaris and IBM AIX UNIX platforms and will allow viewing, navigating and printing of both Computer Graphics Metafiles (CGMs) and TIFF files.

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