digital media

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digital media

(1) See social media.

(2) An umbrella term for all types of electronic data (text, databases, images, audio and video). Digital media may refer to the electronic devices that store the data (magnetic tapes and disks, solid state drives and flash drives) or to the communications methods that transmit the data, including email, text and instant messaging, text chat and video calling. See social media, multimedia, digital media hub, digital media server, magnetic disk, magnetic tape, optical disc and USB drive.

(3) The news from a TV network, newspaper or magazine that is published on a desktop or mobile website or on a blog.
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Contract notice: Provision of hardware, Software, Maintenance and associated computer media.
Secure document and computer media shredding is a great way to protect sensitive data," says Jim Scott, Owner and CEO.
They were also found in possession of computer media containing extensive documentation drawn from the Internet, and audio-visual recordings inciting for "jihad", the ministry pointed out.
Privacy+ is an international certification program open to all companies providing outsourced storage and protection of hard-copy records and off-line removable computer media.
Product coverage: Computer Media Reproduction, Music and Video Reproduction.
Police seized a quantity of computer media that was subjected for forensic examinations.
Historical records, critical interpretation and print culture's belief in universal realities--these are symptoms of writing that represent the old technology of the alphabet which are now giving way to the new computer media.
The results showed that mothers differed in the extent to which they engaged in shared reading and provided toys and computer media for English instruction, and that maternal education is related to the types of strategies and resources provided.
On other computer media during the search, agents uncovered a chat transcript of an individual corresponding with Mr.
Members would follow the link and use their own computer media player to access the podcast.
The prototype uses the speech synthesis software Festival and runs on a Linux-based computer media center with a digital TV tuner card.
The courses include Touch Typing, Digital Photography, Using eBay, Internet and E-mail, Computer Media Workshop and Computers for Beginners and Improvers.

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