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(computer science)
A set of instructions, data, and control information capable of being executed by the central processing unit of a digital computer in order to accomplish some purpose; in a multiprogramming environment, tasks compete with one another for control of the central processing unit, but in a nonmultiprogramming environment a task is simply the current work to be done.



(1) An assigned goal one strives to achieve.

(2) An errand or assignment.

(3) A problem that must be solved with specific information and reflection—for example, a mathematical problem, a chess problem, a logic problem, or a writing problem.

(4) A method of instruction and of checking accomplishments and skills used in all types of general and specialized schools.


An independently running program. See multitasking.
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During the next six sessions, the procedure was identical except that participants were given a choice between Drinks A and B and the computer tasks were omitted.
Icon size and icon set (2002b), IV, size were significantly 20 associated with the accuracy of performing computer tasks (p < .
The new study showed increased sympathetic nervous system activity during rest and, paradoxically, a depressed sympathetic response during the stressful computer task.
Campbell spent the prior 25 years at Computer Task Group (NYSE: CTG), the last 10 as CEO, during that company's major growth period.
Prior to joining Eliassen Group, she held sales and marketing positions with Analysts International and Computer Task Group, Inc.
In total, more than 7,300 children provided information on at least one of the key measurements, related to mood and cognition, and participants completed 22,349 batches of computer tasks.
Overall, in C++, using a general purpose language we could now do general level abstraction (Simula) and at the same time stay close to the hardware, which made it easy to perform highly demanding computer tasks with great speed and ease.
It can perform intelligent computer tasks by simulating a human brain's neural networks, in which neurons connect with one another via synapses," said Ma De from Hangzhou Dianzi University.
Axalta and our software partner and developer of ProfitNet, YADA Systems, are dedicated to enhancing ProfitNet with the latest technology to help lower a shop's administrative costs by minimizing redundant computer tasks and providing a management solution that is affordable, easy to use, and communicates with dealer management software, paint software, parts software, and accounting software.
As mobile devices take over more computer tasks, our dependence grows proportionately.
BurnAware's CPU usage is very low, allowing users to burn discs while performing other computer tasks.

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