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One element common to these five Summits, is the sweeping concensus for a new approach to development that puts people and social equity at the heart of the development agenda.
In carrying on its unilateral, disingenuous crusade, the United States has declared itself the vanguard of the Cuban human rights cause, defying a broad international concensus that includes leading Cuban dissidents and 102 members of the United Nations which supported a resolution condemning the embargo (the United States and Israel were the only countries who voted against the resolution).
To use a concensus approach in setting simple, measurable, relevant and realistic goals for the department position for the upcoming year.
Farooq Leghari, in a press interview pledged to forge national concensus between the Government and the Opposition on all major issues facing the country.
summer meeting was a clear indicator that there is no clear concensus within the U.
The concensus is that because the Centre doesn't pay business or realty taxes (as it is subsidized by the city), it shouldn't compete with hotels in the catering arena.
The concensus was that the a major hurdle to utilization of cotton in nonwovens could be scaled if these problems could be solved.
AFMA has been a success story, considering that it embraces the independents - producers, distributors, sales agents - which, by general concensus, are having a fairly rough time of it these days.
Cooperative relationships require leaders to learn how to identify shared goals and obtain concensus, how to earn respect through contribution instead of rank and how to project signs of trust necessary for developing and sustaining these relationships.
What level of risk is deemed acceptable in society will continue to be decided by general concensus in the battle among consumers, producers and government.
After receiving a broad range of comments representing user groups, exchange and interexchange carriers, enhanced service vendors, equipment manufacturers, the data processing community and government agencies, the commission determined there were areas of broad and virtually universal concensus and some issues, specifically some Computer II-related issues, on which there was less agreement.
The mission of the Ethernet Alliance is to expand the Ethernet ecosystem, support Ethernet development through concensus building and promote Ethernet technologies," said John D'Ambrosia, chairman, Ethernet Alliance Board of Directors.