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conceptual art,

art movement that began in the 1960s and stresses the artist's concept rather than the art object itself. Growing out of minimalismminimalism,
schools of contemporary art and music, with their origins in the 1960s, that have emphasized simplicity and objectivity. Minimalism in the Visual Arts
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, conceptual art turned the artist's thoughts and ideas themselves into the primary artistic medium, appealing to the spectator's intellect instead of emotions. The movement was partially a reaction to what many artists considered the overcommercialization of art objects in the moneyed world of art galleries and museums. At times in conceptual art, the tangible work of art is no longer present at all, but consists of a set of instructions, texts, notes, diagrams, or other kinds of documentation. In other cases, an image may be present, but the idea behind it is of greater importance than its execution or physical manifestation.

The term "concept art" first appeared (1961) in a publication by Fluxus, an avant-garde art group, and conceptual art was defined at length (1967) in an article by Sol LeWittLeWitt, Sol
, 1928–2007, American artist, b. Hartford, Conn. LeWitt, who came into prominence in the 1960s, termed his work conceptual art, emphasizing that the idea or concept that animates each work is its most important aspect.
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, one of the movement's best-known adherents. Among the other artists associated with the movement are Joseph Kosuth, Bruce NaumanNauman, Bruce
, 1941–, American artist, b. Fort Wayne, Ind., B.A. Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison (1964), M.F.A. Univ. of California, Davis (1966). One of the most innovative and influential contemporary American artists, he was partially responsible for restoring political
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, Robert MorrisMorris, Robert,
1931–, American artist, b. Kansas City, Mo. He settled in New York City in 1960 and was allied in his early work with the simple, impersonal forms of minimalism, e.g., an untitled 1965 work consisting of four blocks of gray fiberglass.
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, On Kawara, and members of Britain's Art and Language movement. Many of the works of art of this movement were conceptualized by the artists but executed by craftsmen who worked at the artists' direction. The ideas that fueled the conceptual art movement of the 1960s and 70s continued to influence and animate the work of many artists of the late 20th and early 21st cent. See also contemporary artcontemporary art,
the art of the late 20th cent. and early 21st cent., both an outgrowth and a rejection of modern art. As the force and vigor of abstract expressionism diminished, new artistic movements and styles arose during the 1960s and 70s to challenge and displace
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In 1955, the conceptual artist Marino Auriti filed a design with the US Patent office depicting his Palazzo Enciclopedico, or 'Encyclopedic Palace' (Fig.
He argued much less public money should be spend indulging the work of conceptual artists and more in the community.
Scotsman Martin Creed - who calls himself a conceptual artist and whose previous works have apparently included a piece of screwed-up masking tape stuck to a wall - bagged the pounds 20,000 prize for his piece Work 227: The Lights Going On And Off.
Ortiz solved the problem: He painted the portraits of cook Oscar Ordonez and dishwasher Raymundo Enriquez, but he also commissioned portraits of CalArts teachers and leading conceptual artists John Baldessari and Michael Asher from a Tijuana street painter.
For conceptual artists, he was a Milton Berle among theorists and as physically menacing as a freak show or sideshow among philosophers.
He then deals in more detail with the contributions by Stephane Mallarme, Marinetti and the Futurist movement, the Fluxus books of the '60s and the more recent minimalist and conceptual artists.
Conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationalists.
In many ways the conceptual artists on this year's Turner prize shortlist are like the tailors that created the Emperor's new clothes in the famous fairy tale.
Early Conceptual artists used photocopiers to quickly distribute and promote their work, but this ultimately isn't Springfield's interest, either.
After consulting advisors ranging from environmental specialists to conceptual artists, the collective--then working under the name m777--created inundacion
Half a century later, Conceptual artists adapted cut-and-paste techniques to the deconstruction of authorship and authenticity.
Murphy, the company's European president, asserting that his company experimented with "new methods and materials" in a way fully comparable to the Conceptual artists in the exhibition.

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