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symphonic poem,

type of orchestral composition created by Liszt, also called tone poem. Discarding classical principles of form, it begins with a poetic or other literary inspiration. Although it is usually considered program musicprogram music
Instrumental music of the 19th and 20th cent. that endeavors to arouse mental pictures or ideas in the thoughts of the listener—to tell a story, depict a scene, or impel a mood.
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, no literal following of a program was intended by Liszt. His Tasso (1849) and Hamlet (1876) are compositions of this sort. Although the symphonic poem better expressed the spirit of romanticism than did the symphony, it did not supersede the symphony; many composers, e.g., Tchaikovsky, Saint-Saëns, Sibelius, Franck, and Dvořák, wrote in both forms. In the symphonic poems of Smetana and Sibelius an element of nationalism is added. Influenced by Alexander Ritter's tone poems, Richard Strauss, in, for example, Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche (1895), carried the programmatic possibilities to an extreme of realism, in contrast to the impressionistic tone poems of Debussy, such as Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faune (1894), which are closer to the Lisztian concept.
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His latest premiere, for example, was of a concert overture, They Once Were.
He will be playing the following programme - Concert Overture in F: Purcell J Mansfield; Prelude, Fugue and Chaconne: Buxtehude; Trumpet Voluntary in D: J Stanley; Prelude and Fugue in A Minor: Bach; Impromptu: Sidney Nicholson; Prelude et Danse Fuguee Litaize; Aria: Carter; Final (Symphonie 1): Vierne.
And that need is exemplified in the content of this concert at the Adrian Boult Hall, which includes the world premiere of the Concert Overture They Once Were.
His Concert Overture In Autumn, written when a youngster, was curious as a starter - a somewhat unfocused piece inevitably ending in rumbustious folk dance mode.
Grieg's early concert overture In Autumn has strong folkloric undercurrents, surprisingly energetic for such a crepuscular season; its performance from the CBSO under Oramo pulses with vigour.
30pm Evensong: Psalm 147, Noble in A Minor, Thou standest, O Lord: Mendelssohn, Hymns, Voluntary: Concert Overture in C minor - Alfred Hollins.
Last but not least we heard the Concert Overture in C minor by H A Fricker plus the Canzona and Scherzetto from the Sonata in C minor by Percy W Whitlock.
The main attraction for the collector is that this disc gathers together Wagner rarities: the overture to his fairy opera Die Feen; his Shakespearean comedy Das Liebersverbot; the concert overtures Christopher Columbus and Faust.
He first charts the myth in literature and music before the Romantic period, then analyzes Beethoven's Ballet d'action; settings of Goethe's Transgressive Ode by Reichardt, Schubert, and Wolf; use of the myth by Liszt and French composers; Parry's Scenes from Shelley's Prometheus Unbound; and concert overtures by Bargiel and Goldmark.
The first is the "subscription concert" Berlioz: the composer known for his concert overtures, the Symphonie Fantastique and, on a good day, the Harold en Italie viola concerto.
Both these works are concert overtures without titles or extramusical subject--a popular genre in the 1830s--and are composed in sonata form with a slow introduction.
There follow fine studies of the symphonies by Langford, the concert overtures by Diana Bickley, the operas and the dramatic legend by James Haar, the religious works by Ralph P.