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5 million, the CRI is designed to support viticultural research and experiment not only for the benefit of Concha y Toro, but to facilitate a qualitative leap for the entire Chilean wine.
Their debts are such they are under government pressure to sell players and concha is one of their few remaining assets.
As part of the company plans of expansion, Thomas Domeyko also addressed that the acquisition of Fetzer will offer more growth opportunities for the company by adding a new origin and opening the doors to the productive market in California thus strengthening the commercial footprint in the North American market where Concha y Toro is one of the leaders among imported brands.
This is the third time that the Marques de Casa Concha line has appeared on the celebrated list, which confirms its consistency and quality as a brand with solid scores and awards.
Mommy Concha herself is an inspiration to many of those who know her.
At first Concha thought she had misheard the clerk; she still wasn't used to the Guatemalan accent, and so far she had not seen any female soldiers in Central America.
One of the 12 graves was believed to be that of a important person because his skeletal remains were placed inside a large funerary urn along with 10 metal, ceramic and stone objects," Concha Olivera said.
The three men set off from Marbella just after midday on Tuesday to try to reach the top of La Concha, a striking mountain 1215 metres high sitting at the end of the Sierra Blanca mountain range.
La Concha Tower (US$89 million investment) will be ready by the second half of 2009, he said.
This Chilean is produced by Concha y Toro - one of Chile's biggest wine producers and from grapes grown in the Casablanca Valley.
Concha y Toro, Chile's largest wine producer, says it receives that many visitors alone and generates about $1 million a year from tourism.
When time permits, Blake visits his favorite New Yolk City tobacconist, De Lu Concha (www.