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The above numerical model was applied to resolve the condensation of water vapor within a sponge block when the sponge block was shifted to a high temperature and humidity condition.
A fully heated assembly prevents condensation of water vapor and other heavier less volatile hydrocarbons.
The source of these vapor trails was said to be condensation of water vapor in aircraft engine exhausts.
Mission scientists at first suspected that the problem was temporary, caused by condensation of water vapor in the barrel of the 11.
The incident investigation team concluded that the leak was the result of localized internal pitting corrosion that occurred because of a combined result of: 1) The corrosive well effluent and subsequent condensation of water vapor accumulated in low areas because of low production volumes causing disruption of the normally naturally protective iron sulfide scale and inhibitor films on the pipeline surface; 2) The continuous chemical mitigation strategy failed to maintain a protective film in regions of severe stagnant water traps; and 3) The existing condition monitoring and inspection program failed to detect the presence of high-rate corrosion attack prior to the failure incident.
OSMO utilizes an innovative design and unique media to promote the condensation of water vapor from exhaled gas, transferring it to the atmosphere.
Both liquid and solid specks help clouds develop by encouraging the condensation of water vapor, which does not occur readily without an original seed particle of some sort in the air.
Prior methods and products have exclusively used condensation of water vapor from exhaled breath in attempts to develop practical clinical detection methods.
A demonstrative example of a reserve of heat losses reduction from boiler plants can be a representation of fuel combustion products cooling processes in hot water boilers without condensation of water vapors and with condensation of water vapors from gases on I-x diagram (see Fig.