Electrical Conductivity

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electrical conductivity

[ə′lek·trə·kəl ‚kän‚dək′tiv·əd·ē]

Conductivity, Electrical


(or conductivity), a physical quantity equal to the electrical conductance of a cylindrical conductor of unit length and unit cross-sectional area. The relation between conductivity σ and resistivity ρ is given by the equation σ = 1/p. Conductivity is usually measured in units of mho/m or mho/cm. The mho, also called the Siemens, is equal to the reciprocal of the ohm.

electrical conductivity

A measure of the ability of a material to conduct electric current.
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Semiconductors are used in various electronic components (such as diodes and transistors) that control the conduction of electricity.
She ran a bath and added Radox salts, which the court heard helps the conduction of electricity because of its high electrolyte content.
The team is also trying to create longer, thinner silver nanowires, which will make the screen even more transparent and improve conduction of electricity through them.
The electrolytes are said to determine the conduction of electricity over the nerves.
Organic materials offer display engineers the ability to fine-tune a wide range of properties, including the conduction of electricity and the emission of light.