Configuration Space

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Configuration Space


an n -dimensional space, with the number of dimensions equal to the number n of degrees of freedom of a system. It is used to arbitrarily represent the motion of the entire system as the motion of some point in this space.

When a mechanical system moves with respect to some frame of reference, its configuration, that is, the position of the system itself and the relative positions of its parts, can be determined at any moment of time by the generalized coordinates q1, q2. … , qn. If these coordinates are considered as n Cartesian coordinates in n -dimensional space, a definite point in this space, called the image point, will correspond to each configuration of the system. Such a space is called a configuration space. For example, in systems with one, two, or three degrees of freedom (for example, a plane mathematical pendulum, a spherical pendulum, or a free material point) the configuration space will be a line, plane, or three-dimensional space, respectively. For a free rigid body with six degrees of freedom, the configuration space will be six-dimensional.

The configuration of a moving system will continuously vary and the image point will also continuously vary its position in the configuration space, tracing a curve called by convention the trajectory of the system. Consequently, the motion of a system can be represented as the motion of the image point in the configuration space. Such a representation is used in the consideration of certain properties of a moving system, particularly properties established by a number of variational principles of mechanics.


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The mathematical structure of realist quantum theories has given rise to a debate about how our ordinary three-dimensional space is related to the 3N-dimensional configuration space on which the wave function is defined.
The representative statement of this motion planning problem is known as the configuration space formulation.
The nine contributions that make up the main body of the text are devoted to a variety of related subjects, including the atmospheric wave/turbulence jigsaw, the possible role of constraints in MHD turbulence, the dynamics of structures in configuration space and phase space, and many others.
2) configuration space covers the area between left and right side borders (guarded by safety contacts I).
Configuration space integrals and the cohomology of the space of homotopy string links.
IPS-1080A and IPS-1042FA series solve the problems of limited configuration space with the compact housing, for example, they can be well implemented in roadside conjunction boxes.
Even both quantum mechanically and classically it is evident that material things possessed of motion and energy are embedded in a configuration space, but the space-time itself cannot be wholly found in these constituents.
The index of the configuration space K, defined in (2), was computed in [8, Corollary 2.
For mobile robots, these take the form of maps of the navigable space, while for manipulators, these models take the form of a configuration space.
It can be configured in IDE compatibility mode, mapping the PCI configuration space to match the x86 standard primary and secondary IDE ports.
The IBM PowerPC 405 processor embedded in the Virtex-II Pro FPGA fabric is used to implement the AS configuration space, freeing up to 20% fabric resources in the target device.

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