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a. a person who holds the degree of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science, etc
b. the degree itself
2. (in the Middle Ages) a young knight serving a great noble
3. bachelor seal a young male seal, esp a fur seal, that has not yet mated

What does it mean when you dream about a bachelor?

Bachelors can represent being alone; the feeling of loneliness. Could indicate a desire for freedom, particularly if the dreamer is married.

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He added: "I never said I was a confirmed bachelor.
The polar opposite of his frontman's confirmed bachelor status, Campbell clearly revels in being a fully paid-up family man, having married his wife Gaynor not long before he signed on for a life on the road with Motorhead.
Confirmed Bachelor, Hall Green Evening Mail, October 20, 1969
Q I'M in my early 50s, independent and a confirmed bachelor.
Perhaps that's why even snotty French critics were fairly complimentary about Eric Lartigau's directorial debut, in which Chabat's confirmed bachelor falls for a woman he has hired to play his pretend "bride.
They appeared together in the first Likely Lads episode in the 1960s when James played the confirmed bachelor Terry Collier.
Intriguingly, though apparently a life-long confirmed bachelor, Barkworth often was most effective conveying the angst of marital strife.
Madejski, who has never married but has two daughters from a previous relationship, admitted recently he is a "selfish" confirmed bachelor.
Confirmed bachelor Graham met Pauline Slater while enjoying a country and western evening at Bedworth Civic Hall.
Confirmed bachelor Clooney and the Welsh beauty exchange vows in a mocked-up Scots wedding in romantic comedy Intolerable Cruelty.
And I am a confirmed bachelor, so I am just hanging out and making the rounds.
Uncle Ernest, not much taller than Grandma, is a confirmed bachelor with the weathered complexion and bowlegged gait of a real cowboy.